Monday, January 31, 2011

Monday Greeting

Happy Monday everybody.
Kat office ramai yang dah start cuti hari ni.Sunyi jer office hari ni.Bagus jugak, tak ramai yang kacau.Boleh concentrate sikit.
Today, fill up form for meeting in Bangkok next month.yeeha...bangkok again.Shopping lagi.Tapi this time hubby tak ikut. He's also got bisnes trip to Jakarta. At first, I yang nak follow dia to Jakarta.Tak sangka plak sama date.Huiih...melepas la nak shopping kat Jakarta.

Muka yang berseri-seri di hari Isnin.Hhahah....

Friday, January 21, 2011

Ajiq's Birthday Celebration

Last night we went to Empire to celebrate's Ajiq and Papa's birthday.We had dinner in Serai.
Happy 7's Birthday a good one!

Make a wish                                                                                                                        


Ajiq ate Nasi Ambeng.He loves it so much

Che Rah                                                                                                                       

Then, headed to Toy's r us to buy his present.Mmmm...Papa punya present kena beli hari lain la.....

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Lunch at Belanga

We went to Empire last 2 weeks.Bawak kids jalan2 after came back from our honeymoon.Kesian, dia orang kena tinggal kat rumah babysitter.Jalan-jalan tak sah kalau tak beli apa-apa.Mula-mula pergi Crocs.Bought ajiq a pair of shoes and jib bits for me and Hannah.My sister bought a pair.Purchase more than RM300 got 30% discount.What a great deal.

Then headed to Tangs.Now for Hannah pulak.A Pooh bear for her.Got myself two blouses from South China Sea.Both at 50% discount.

Had our lunch at Belanga.Kelantan Cuisine.Nice food.
Mango,Lemongrass and Sirap Selasih
Nasi Kerabu
Nasi Dagang
Nasi Ayam

Nasi Goreng

Kenyang perut suka hati....

Friday, January 7, 2011

New Year updates

2011 begin with a lot of major things happen in my life.First, Ajiq went for Standard One.I took leave for three days to settle down everything.Day care centre, school bus,kelas agama and etc.Accompany him during recess time, make sure he's on the right bus when school ended, teach him when he wants to buy food kat kantin sekolah agama and a lot more.Plus now onwards I have to wake up early to prepare breakfirst.It's quite tiring as I dont have to do all this before.But, it's really meaningful to me.My only boy now has grown up.Alhamdulillah, he can cope with his new situation.New school, new friends and new environment.(He was in Smart Reader Rawang Town and live in baby sitter's house during the day before.)As we just moved to our new place, he had to go to day care centre and went to new school.
Ajiq in school uniform
In day care centre, get ready to go for sekolah agama
So far, Ajiq ok.Was elected as class leader for sekolah agama, he's really made me proud.Belajar rajin-rajin yer....

Second, my immediate boss has left us.He was seconded to another agencies, but he did tell me that he's going for good.Since he's not around, i was asked to take charge.Tanggung kerja and plus still kena buat my current task.Heii...banyak juga yang nak kena buat.But, I take this as a challenge.Ya Allah,berikanlah aku segala kekuatan.Harapnya aku dapat handle unit ni dengan baik.

2011 will more challenging to me.Moga Allah mempermudahkan segala urusan.Amin